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Families with substantial assets manage their family fortune carefully and wisely for subsequent generations, without wanting to collect all the fruits for the benefit of just one generation. Their purpose is to invest their wealth based on their family vision and long-term strategy in order to fulfill their goals and dreams in the future.


We connect your family with your wealth by linking the management of the wealth with your strategic family plan, balancing the needs of your various generations, and avoiding intergenerational conflict. The result is the long-term protection of your family wealth while monitoring its risks and the growth over many years.

Time is more valuable than money. You can

get more money, but you cannot get more time.
                                                             Jim Rohn 

Wealth Management

Your family wealth is expected to grow with each generation and to be efficiently passed down according to certain rules and time preferences. We help you to design the strategic family wealth allocation, select the right asset managers for each asset class, and deliver consolidated reporting. Our focus lies on overall return enhancement, cost efficiency, and investment discipline, which is fulfilled by our regular monitoring

Wealth Structuring

Your family wealth can be protected more efficiently when it’s held in appropriate legal structures. Over time, these family structures need to be adjusted to meet the current legal environment and ever-changing conditions. Being the beneficiaries of such family structures, your family members need to become educated on their rights and their responsibilities in order to enhance the intergenerational transfer and the protection of your family wealth.

Wealth Administration

Your substantial wealth requires efficient wealth administration practices, with accounting services, budgeting, invoicing and cash flow overviews. We keep track of all documentation regarding your family members, their wealth, and the various legal structures of your family. A transparent wealth administration with reliable time management contributes considerably to the wealth protection management.