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The long-lasting success of a multi-generational business family comes from its unity, family qualities, and unique tools. The different life stages of a family enterprise require different tools and solutions – Family Governance, Succession Planning, and Strategic Philanthropy – some of which can be integrated quickly, while others need time to reveal their impact.


We help you to build your family platform for a long-lasting success that will strengthen your family power centers and accelerate the development of your family and your business well into the future.

Family is, in essence, a small nation, and the nation a large family. In treating his own family with dignity, a ruler learns to govern his nation with dignity.

                                                  Gene Luen Yang

Family Governance

Families who wish to create a successful family legacy need to establish proper governance structures, processes, and policies. This family infrastructure will make each transition between generations nearly effortless, keeping the family together and reducing the overall costs of this process. We help you to design your own family governance to become a successful multi-generational family because a family without rules is sure to fail in the future.

Succession Planning

Every family and family business needs key leaders, who must be identified early and prepared over time for their future roles. We guide you through the selection and the preparation processes for these positions in your family enterprise and help you with the design of a contingency plan in the event of unexpected changes to family circumstances. Avoiding a succession plan places the family at risk of losing both their family and their business.

Strategic Philanthropy

Philanthropy is not just about money. Having strategic philanthropy as a part of the family plan is useful when the family wants to transfer values between generations, to build family relationships, to learn how to communicate and to negotiate, and ultimately to live the “love of humanity”. We help you develop a roadmap for your initiatives with clear policies and procedures by engaging your next generation while creating wide-ranging societal impacts.