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Caroline L. Beinhoff

Chief Next Generation Officer, 2nd Generation Member



Caroline is a member of the second generation of the Beinhoff Family and Chief Next Generation Officer at the Beinhoff & Co. AG. She is a co-founder of the Institute for Family Healing. The Institute focuses on Key Performance Acceleration®, Family Acceleration®, and Health & Lifestyle Acceleration®  using Energy Medicine and modern neurosciences to enhance the performance of an individual and a multi-generational family.


Her passion belongs to the neurosciences and modern energy medicine to enhance the health and performance of any individual, a multi-generational family or any company. Caroline’s life purpose is to help people, especially children, and young adults, to develop their own talents and to find their happy place in the world.


She successfully graduated at the Kantonsschule Enge in Zurich with the main emphasis on economics, business, and law. Caroline has studied different kinds of energy medicine practices with Dr. Gene Ang, USA and other energy quantum techniques with Dr. Robert Gilbert, Vesica Institute, USA. She is a certified BioGeometry®-EHS Associate Practitioner and a QHHT practitioner.


Today she is developing her own energy-based healing techniques for young adults and children to build their healthy and positive self-identity, to increase their self-confidence and to enhance their performance.


Caroline speaks on a regular basis at international conferences about families, family businesses and the next generations, sharing her own experiences. She speaks English, German, Slovak, French and Chinese.