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Beinhoff & Co.

We advise international families on how to preserve, transfer and accelerate their family wealth and business success over multiple generations. We understand their daily challenges and risks, which carry potential hidden traps that could cause them to lose their wealth, business and the family itself. Through professional guidance, we accompany our client’s families on their journey helping them to prepare for multiple expected and unexpected events during their lifespan as a multi-generational family.


We work on the multi-dimensional levels of a family and the family enterprise system by employing our proprietary process DESIGN YOUR FAMILY®, which helps our clients achieve the protection and the acceleration of their wealth, business and the family.



Our Beinhoff philosophy is based on our beliefs that TIME and FAMILY are the most precious assets in our life. DESIGN YOUR FAMILY® process incorporates our beliefs and is based on acknowledging the invisible link between the success of a family business contingent upon the health, the happiness and the success of the whole family and its individual members.